I'm excited to announce that I'll be running a group this spring for female-identified teens (ages 14 - 18) interested in exploring issues related to body image.

We'll unpack the various messages we receive about body image, gender, beauty, weight, and health. We will look at the ways our various identities impact the way we feel in our bodies and how we navigate the world. We'll dispel myths related to weight and health and develop tools for self-compassion. We'll start to unpack the impacts of internalized oppression in a society fueled by body hatred, diet culture and more. Perhaps most importantly we'll build community and make space for young folks to connect and process their experiences together.

This group follows the Be Body Positive Group Curriculum and teaches from the Health at Every Size model of health and wellness. It will incorporate group discussion, education, self-reflection, creative exercises and movement. All shapes, sizes, races, sexual identities, and abilities welcome. Please dress comfortably and show up ready to learn, share, and be in community.

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 2.43.44 PM.png

Please note: this is not a treatment group. The focus of this group is education, support, and community. If you are struggling with a mental health issue I would be happy to help you identify a provider who can work with you in addition to the support you will find through this group. Any questions about the difference between treatment and support groups, just ask!

If payment is a barrier please inquire about sliding scale opportunities. 

Email me at hello@kaitlynoverman.com to learn more.